Fieldwork in Spain, January 2019

Zahira Araguëte-Toribio

Zahira Araguëte-Toribio conducted fieldwork in the region of Extremadura, Madrid, and Ciudad Real, from 3 to 25 January. Fieldwork included interviews with members of historical memory associations (ARMHEX, AMECECA) political representatives from the Government of Extremadura, heritage specialists and forensic scientists involved in the creation of the new Law of Historical and Democratic Memory in Extremadura and the two expert commissions created for the removal of Civil War and Francoist vestiges in Cáceres and Badajoz.

It also included a visit to an exhumation site with the team of Mapas de la Memoria (National University of Distance Education (UNED) – Ciudad Real Provincial Government) and the Aranzadi Scientific Society in the province of Ciudad Real. Further visits were conducted to the Battle of Jarama Museum in Morata de Tajuña (Madrid area) and interviews were carried out with historians in the city of Madrid.

© Zahira Aragüete-Toribio